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Election 2015: NI MPs must 'focus on power not pounds' if election leads to hung parliament

March 26, 2015
By Stephen Walker BBC News NI Political Correspondent 26 March..

University of Liverpool team defeated in bid to make it to University Challenge semi final

March 23, 2015
Students out of competition after losing third quarter final..

How long will life survive on planet Earth?

March 23, 2015
Life on Earth will surely be wiped out eventually...

Large Hadron Collider ramps up to shed light on dark matter

March 12, 2015
LHC will run at double its previous energy, smashing protons to open up the subatomic world and look for..

Just how much are the Beatles worth to Liverpool?

March 10, 2015
University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University research will analyse monetary and cultural..

Dress colour mystery solved? Expert says we're ALL RIGHT and here's why

February 27, 2015
A picture of a two-tone dress went viral after it prompted a fierce debate over..

Video: student builds Large Hadron Collider...from Lego

February 26, 2015
University of Liverpool PhD student wants models to be manufactured by the..

Psychology: the man who studies everyday evil

January 30, 2015
Why are some people extraordinarily selfish, manipulative, and unkind?..

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