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Scientists May Have Discovered A Critical Key To Predicting Volcanic Eruptions

May 17, 2015
An international team of researchers has discovered a previously unknown trigger of volcanic eruptions -- a finding that could give scientists a leg up on predicting blow-ups and saving lives...

Gambling 24/7: The addiction Ireland doesn’t know enough about

May 16, 2015
As betting moves out of the bookies’ and on to the mobile phone, a new kind of gambling addict is emerging. Who are the losers and winners in Ireland’s fast-changing gambling world?..

Election 2015: Conservatives gain in England, SNP rampant across Scotland – experts react

May 7, 2015
Results appear to be backing an exit poll for the 2015 UK election that predicted a better than expected performance for the..

Kathmandu rose three feet but Mt. Everest dropped by an inch in quake

May 4, 2015
The first good satellite view of the aftermath of Nepal’s April 25 earthquakereveals that a broad swath of ground near Kathmandu lifted..

General Election 2015: Could Esther McVey be the next Prime Minister?

May 3, 2015
With the polls still placing Esther McVey behind Labour rival Margaret Greenwood in the..

General Election 2015: Could Esther McVey be the next Prime Minister?

May 3, 2015
The odds are against Esther McVey holding onto Wirral West, but if she does it could boost her..

Global Hepatitis B epidemic could be treated at an annual cost of £24 per person

April 26, 2015
The patent on the drug entecavir is set to run out next year, which will drastically..

Victorian child criminals were less likely to reoffend than their modern day counterparts, study finds

April 25, 2015
University of Liverpool researchers say youth..

Balthazar King making “slow but good progress” after Grand National fall, trainer says

April 15, 2015
Racehorse Balthazar King is making “slow but good progress” after..

Victorian juvenile criminals less likely to re-offend compared to modern counterparts, study shows

April 15, 2015
Around 73 per cent of young people re-offend within a..

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