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Norovirus in food outlets to be mapped for first time

norovirus-1w  It is not clear what proportion of norovirus infections come from food itself, or from the people and environment involved in bringing it to the plate

The University of Liverpool is leading a £2 million Food Standards Agency (FSA) project to map the occurrence of norovirus in food premises and industry workers. Read the full article.

Postcard: Geography in Santa Cruz, California

PostSantaCruz-1wGeography’s Santa Cruz field class of 2014

This year marks the 20th Santa Cruz field class. Since 1995, final year Geography students from the University of Liverpool have spent two weeks in California studying the physical and human geography surrounding Santa Cruz, California. Read the full article

Scientists to explore how ocean nutrients arrive at the surface of the mid-Atlantic ocean

Mid-Atlantic-1wSamples will be taken from a research cruise to measure the turbulence and nutrient concentrations across the mid-Atlantic ridge

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have been awarded funding to explore how nutrients in the deep mid-Atlantic ocean are transported to the surface, where they support biological growth. Read the full article