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Study provides new insight into how toddlers learn verbs

toddlers-2wVerbs pose a challenge for toddlers because they describe actions rather than objects

Parents can help toddlers’ language skills by showing them a variety of examples of different actions, according to new research from the University of Liverpool. Read the full article.

Viewpoint: Small manufacturers and the new Troubleshooter

logistics-1wAndy Lyons is Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management in the Management School and leads the ERDF-funded Collaborate to Innovate (C2i) project which provides support to small and medium-sized manufacturers throughout the North West region

Troubleshooter returned to our television screens last week in the form of Lord Digby Jones, former Director General at the CBI and well-known business advisor. The original series was screened in the early 1990s with Sir John Harvey-Jones in charge. Read the full article

Becoming an Expert: Vassiliki Sinopoulou on dietary fibre and children’s appetite

VassillikiExpert-1wVassiliki Sinopoulou, from Greece, is in the third year of her PhD in the Appetite and Obesity Research Group in the University’s Institute of Psychology, Health and Society. For her research project Vassiliki is using the facilities in the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behaviour in the Department of Psychological Sciences to investigate the effect of dietary fibre on children’s appetite. Her supervisors are Dr Joanne Harrold and Professor Jason Halford. Read the full article